Why choose LSTX

  • No hassle management in overall

    Low time on market

    Low vacancy rate

    Online owner portal access

    Rent Collection and Notices

    Keep Tenant Compliant with Lease and HOA Requirements

    Tenant Move-In and Move-Out Survey Reports with Photos

    Maintenance Coordination with 24/7 Emergency Response

    Monthly Owner Income & Expense Reports

    Dedicated Point of Contact

    Owner Annual Report and 1099 Tax Statement Filing

    Owner Satisfaction Guarantee - no cancellation fee if you are not satisfied

Leasing and Screening

  • Faster leasing to qualified tenants

    Streamlined application process plus simplified electronic leases completed online

    Extensive nationwide criminal background and credit checks plus resident income verification

    Experienced leasing managers with extensive training and education to lease your rental faster


  • Reduce costs with efficient service and expertise

    24/7 maintenance requests for quick work orders resolution and to reduce costly after-hours service

    Experienced and dedicated maintenance staff and long-term vendor relationships to handle appliance repairs, unit turnovers, renovations and more

Accounting and Reporting

  • Detailed communications, reports and statements

    Detailed monthly statements + year-end reports securely stored for instant access